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Variable prefixes

The idea of variable prefixes

The idea of prefixes on variable is “very” old. They are used to tell the developer what kind of variable he is using. The first prefix for example is m_ and the conclusion is this variable is a member. When I learned programming we had to give the developer more information in case of a member. Like the type of it like an integer became m_i. Continue reading


Ninject.MVC3 and Ninject.Web.MVC3 merged to one package

With Ninject.MVC3 available from NuGet Ninject.MVC3 and Ninject.Web.MVC3 got merged into one project providing the advantage or both.
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Book Review: xUnit Test Patterns – Refactoring Test Code by Gerard Meszaros

I just added my short book review of xUnit Test Patterns – Refactoring Test Code by Gerard Meszaros to our books page.

Happy reading…


Watch IBMs latest breakthrough Watson

Follow the story of the development of Watson from a modest DeepQA machine to a formidable Jeopardy! contestant.


Truly amazing but somehow scary!


MsBuild and document include tags => Annoying bug

I was developing a large wrapper library for some classes from System.IO. I wanted to use the original documentation from mscorlib for my wrapper classes because the methods and properties only wrap the underlying components from System.IO. This is easily possible with the document include tag.

public interface IExample
   /// <include file='relativepathtodocument.xml'
         path='/doc/members/member[@name="ShowExample"]/*' />
   void ShowExample();

But there is a bug in the latest msbuild version which can drive you nuts if you don’t know what to look for.

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