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The particular service platform introduction

You have already heard me talking or at least read a blog post about NServiceBus from me ;) The next big release from particular software is just around the corner! This time it is not just another version of NServiceBus. No, it is a whole platform or toolset you can use to build up complex distributed systems based on NServiceBus. I give you a brief overview over the platform and then dive into ServiceMatrix. Let’s get startet! Continue reading


Onion Architecture Article in Method and Tools Magazine

My article about Onion Architecture has just been released in the Method and Tools Magazine. The article contains even more insights into the Onion Architecture and how it compares to traditional Layered Architecture by analyzing code samples with Structure Studio. I highly recommend you read it.

Methods & Tools is a free software development magazine on Project Management, Software Testing, Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban
Requirements (UML, Business Analysis, User Stories), Programming (Java,.NET, Ruby, JavaScript), Databases, User Experience (UX)
Open Source Tools, Software Process Improvement (CMMI, SPICE), Software Architecture, Software Development Jobs
Subscribe to Methods & Tools if you are not afraid to read more than one page to get smarter!

The newest spring edition contains the following interesting articles (including mine):

  • The Principles of Done - How to Get Done Done in Scrum
  • Doing Valuable Agile Retrospectives - Why, When and How to Perform Retrospectives in Scrum
  • Chop Onions Instead of Layers - for a Better Software Architecture
  • Ranorex - Automated Testing Tool for Desktop, Web & Mobile Applications

Download the article directly and for free on their website! I suggest you also click the subscribe button to get notified when the next magazine is published. I would like to thank Franco Martinig for giving me the possibility to publish my article in his magazine!

Remember: Chop onions instead of layers and turn your tears of sorrow into tears of delight.


Machine.Specifications & Machine.Specifications.Should 0.7.0 released

I just released the newest stable release of Machine.Specifications. The newest stable release contains the version number 0.7.0. What has changed in this release? There is one big change and in fact this is the only relevant change for the users of the library:

  • The should extensions have been decoupled into its own nuget package!

Machine.Specifications used to ship directly with its own ShouldExtensions. This was a bit of a pain for people using other assertion libraries like FluentAssertions. I personally prefer also FluentAssertions over other assertion libraries and even over the Machine.Specifications ShouldExtensions. In the past the internally shipped ShouldExtensions would “pollute” IntelliSense for example if you use FluentAssertions. This is now resolved!

The following nuget packages are now available:

Read the following instruction carefully!

If you are a user of the Machine.Specifications ShouldExtensions then upgrade by installing the Machine.Specifications.Should or -Signed package. This has a dependency to Machine.Specifications. I’ve seen issues with nuget that installs a pretty old version especially with the signed package. This seems to be a nuget bug. If this happens just upgrade the Machine.Specifications package in Visual Studio manually afterwards.

If you are a user of for example FluentAssertions then just upgrade the Machine.Specifications or -Signed package and you’ll never see the extension in IntelliSense again (unless you install the package ;) ).

If you have any issues please use the official github issue tracker.

Happy coding!


Machine.Specifications 0.6.2 released

While we are constantly pushing forward the development of Machine.Specifications it can happen that regression occurs especially in the area of the resharper provider and runner. Unfortunately we don’t have integration tests in that area. Apart from the 0.6.0 build we broke the capability of having internal specs or private nested specs. This issue is now addressed and a new release under 0.6.2 is available on nuget. Check it out and provide feedback. So the this release contains the two changes

  • Enable support for internal specs
  • Enable support for private nested specs

I’m planning advance more and more to version 1.0.0. Along the way I will be dropping support for old legacy stuff (old versions of dotCover, Resharper…) in order to clean the internals up. Feedback and comments are welcome here. Download the latest release with nuget here.


Machine.Specifications 0.6.1 released

Unfortunately while migrating a lot of existing stuff around the nuget packaging scripts I accidentally broke the nuspec file. I’m really sorry for that! So here is the newest release 0.6.1 which addresses the nuget related issues. Happy coding!

The latest release contains the following changes:

  • Nuget package adds proper references for .NET 4.0 and 4.5
  • Nuget package excludes sources

I’m planning advance more and more to version 1.0.0. Along the way I will be dropping support for old legacy stuff (old versions of dotCover, Resharper…) in order to clean the internals up. Feedback and comments are welcome here. Download the latest release with nuget here.


Packtpub: Explore something new this Columbus Day with Packt’s biggest ever sale

To all geeks out there: I’m usually hesitant when it comes to publishing marketing stuff on planetgeek. But this time I think it is worth it. Packtpub has 50% off on all their Books and Videos. This is definitely worth checking out. Here is their official press release and go and fill your bookshelf :):

Packt Publishing is giving everyone the chance to explore its full range of over 1600 DRM-free eBooks this Columbus Day at a massive 50% off at http://bit.ly/1bqvB29 , for 4 whole days. Customers simply use the code COL50 in their cart – as many times as they like until Thursday October 17th. The offer even extends to Packt’s bestselling pre-order of 2013, the highly acclaimed Mastering Web Application Development with AngularJS.

But that’s not all – to mark the transition out of beta stage, the publisher will also be including its Packt Video product range in this limited offer. These practical screencast tutorials give users the working knowledge they need to get the job done, and all videos will be featured in the Columbus Day sale at 50% off – that includes the hugely popular Kali Linux – Backtrack Evolved: A Penetration Tester’s Guide.

The exclusive 50% discount code COL50 will be active on all eBooks and Videos until Thursday October 17th.


Clean Code Cheat Sheet

It took me about one and a half year to update my cheat sheet about clean code and TDD.

But now, it’s here.

The cheat sheet has grown quite a bit and now contains principles, patterns, smells and guidelines for

  • clean code
  • class and package design
  • TDD – Test Driven Development
  • ATDD – Acceptance Test Driven Development
  • Continuous Integration

I had to re-layout the sheets because maintenance became a nightmare (yes, very ironic).

Download: Clean Code V2.2

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Feedback is highly welcome. Please write a comment below.

Clean Code Cheat Sheet Teaser

Update V 2.1: thanks for your feedback

  • added + and – for DOs and DONTs to make it easier to tell them apart
  • added a creative commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

Update V 2.2:

  • changed the colours to be better distinguishable

Happy new year

Dear reader,

We wish you a happy new year and we are proud to have you as a reader of our blog. Stay tuned for an exciting year 2013.

the planetgeek team


Layout update

Finally it is almost done! We have a new layout which uses more up to date web standards and therefore is better suitable for mobile devices. The new layout is very spare and optimized for content. You should also notice a great speed improvement on the blog. The header of the page only contains the important pages and a small number of categories. All other categories are no longer available for direct access. Accessing the blog by using the search field is much faster and more accurate now. Some additional information such as recent blog posts, tag clouds and more can be found at the bottom of the page.

Notice the new related posts feature, commenting with twitter or facebook login and much more…

There are still some details to be worked out and some content which needs to be updated but we hope that you like the new layout. Feedback is always welcome!


Accelerate your application development

It has been a bit quiet on our blog for a longer time. Urs and I were pretty busy raising a new child. We long dreamed about a general overhaul of our pet project bbv.Common. We have long been searching for a cool name which reflects the ideas behind the library. Now it is time to announce the final release version of the renamed bbv.Common. Drum roll…

Appccelerate is a library which helps you accelerate your .NET application development. The libraries are based upon real world experience and guaranteed to be used in at least one commercial project. Our goal is to simplify tedious tasks. All components provided by Appccelerate were designed in a way so that your code will be loosely coupled, easy to test and easy to extend and maintain.

Continue reading