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Migration from Moq to FakeItEasy with Resharper Search Patterns

In most of the projects in our company we used the mocking framework Moq. Nowadays we are moving away from Moq to FakeItEasy because FakeItEasy is just faking amazing! Seriously, FakeItEasy provides us a cleaner and more readable syntax. It just has the concept of fakes, no need to call .Object everywhere and many more advantages. Our rule of thumb is that we simply apply the boy-scout rule for the migration process from Moq to FakeItEasy. This means if a developers touches a unit test, which contains Moq Mocks, then he quickly rewrites it to FakeItEasy. But doing that manually is tedious and error prone. Why not use Resharper’s powerful search and replace patterns to rewrite our tests almost automatically? Indeed this can be done and I’ll show you how you achieve it with Resharper.

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FakeItEasy and Windows Store Apps are becoming friends

Probably you already know it: The new Windows Store App class libraries prevent proxy generating using frameworks like Castle.Core because System.Reflection.Emit namespace is missing in the limited framework they’re using.

But we still want to do TDD and therefore we need a nice mocking framework, like FakeItEasy, don’t we?

In this blog post I will show you the best way I came up with to develop Windows Store App compatible code with TDD.
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