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How we do the Daily Scrum in my team

In a typical Daily Scrum, every team answers the three questions about what was done, what is next and which impediments there are.

We moved away from this form of Daily Scrum because it is not very efficient and not focused on Sprint Backlog items. It’s not efficient because we do a lot of pair programming and several team members work on the same User Story at once. Therefore, some team members could only say “I did the same as already said”. This way of doing the Daily Scrum makes it hard to plan the next 24 hours as a team, too. Planning the next day is a team task and cannot be answered by a single team member for him- or herself.

So, what do we do then?

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16 ideas about what a Scrum Master can do to improve team performance

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This is a list of actions that Scrum Masters at bbv Software Services AG have applied successfully in their teams to improve performance (= how much gets done in an amount of time). Please note that these actions were created to respond to specific problems found in real world projects. They may not be applicable in general in any situation.

I’d be happy to read your experiences and feedback in the comments section.

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Code Quality! Building code you won’t curse tomorrow.

These are the slides and comments of a presentation I held for bbv Software services AG.

The presentation is about how we get quality into our code.

Buzzwords: Fokus, frequent measurements, strong team, clean code, pair programming, test driven development, acceptance tests, continuous integration, collective code ownership, team learning.


Urs Enzler
Senior Software Architect
bbv Software Services AG

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How to get quality into source code – that’s the question I’ll try to answer in this document.

You’ll see what we do at bbv Software Services to get code that is built with inherent quality and why it is important to think about quality throughout the whole development process.

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From User Stories to Architecture

This is the slide deck of a presentation I gave for bbv Software Services AG at two events in 2009 along with some comments .

If you are interested in seeing this presentation live (either in German or English) then please contact me.

In an agile project, the architecture has to evolve together with the requirements and the code. In this presentation, I’ll show you our agile architecture lifecycle.

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Self-Organized also means having cojones

Living and breathing Scrum means for a team being self organized. My experience in different Scrum projects tells me that this is not always an easy task to grasp. Experienced Agile teams are self organized when it comes to maintain the code base or gathering information for user stories from the product owner. But what happens when soft skills are involved?

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