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Since a week I am using Windows 7 and until now, I am really satisfied. Windows 7 feels much faster than Vista and it’s something like a fine tuned Vista.


Here you can read the most notable new features:


For further information, you will find here a good walkthrough:


A very simple, but interesting feature is called Aero Snap. In my daily work, I often have to compare or to analyze information from two different windows. With Aero Snap, I just move the first window to the left side and the second window to the right side. Aero Snap automatically splits the screen and arranges both windows.



Another very nice feature is the history in the new taskbar. Every icon in the new taskbar opens its history with a right click on it. With this feature, you have a fast access to all recently opened files for a specific application.


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    This is not a constructive comment, but this comic still gets to the point.. I don’t think this two features will redress the bad mark Vista has left.

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  • I just mentioned two good features, which popped in my eyes. Trust me, there are many more 😉

    Just take a look at some other Posts at

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