Windows Mobile 6.5 information leaked

We don’t have to wait for the official announcements of Windows Mobile 6.5 to get the latest news about the mobile operating system. Yesterday a beta version of Windows Mobile 6.5 hast been leaked to the public which everyone can install on his qtek 9090.

Let me describe what is new in Windows Mobile 6.5 in counterpart to the Windows Mobile 6.1:

  • No finger friendly user interface
  • No multi touch
  • Internet Explorer Mobile 6 with flash support
  • Sliding Panels
  • Scroll without scrollbars
  • New screen lock
  • New applications such as market player, my phone

You can have a quick look at Windows Mobile 6.5 in the following two videos:

As you can see Windows Mobile 6.5 is a major disappointment. Hopefully Windows Mobile 7 will knock us out of the chair!

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