NMock2 Release Candidate Version 2.0 is out

The first release candidate of version 2.0 of NMock2 – a .net dynamic mocking framework – is published.

Check it out at: sourceforge.net

You can provide feedback at: NMock2 forum

Release Notes:

  • virtual/abstract classes can now be mocked (with default or transparent mock style)
  • Stack traces of exceptions thrown in event handlers of events fired on mocks are preserved
  • Source is now on Visual Studio 2008 (target framework is still .net 2.0)
  • Events of inherited interfaces can now be fired on mocks
  • internal interfaces of signed assemblies can now be mocked (contribution of Matthias Weibel)
  • Swallowed exceptions are rethrown in VerifyAllExpectationsHaveBeenMet

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