Remote Support software for free

Remote software for free

Normally I’m not a big promoter of software. But this tool is amazing. Every, and I mean every IT Professional is having the same problem. Everybody in the world looks at you and sees the free helpdesk. Ok I must admit most of the time this is not a problem because helping is caring friendship. Helping over the phone is good because you don’t have to travel. But this is not easy for each occasion. There are a lot of good remote software programs for companies. But the use in private environments is not as easy as it should be because you need port forwarding, special firewall rules etc. Looking around in the Internet I found a very exciting tool for remote support. It’s called TeamViewer.

The benefits of TeamViewer are:

•    It’s free for personal use.
•    No installation needed.
•    No firewall changes are required because remote clients create an outgoing connection to the team server.
•    It works on PC and Mac, even cross-platform, connect from Mac to windows is no problem.
•    It’s Fast and
•    It’s free for noncommercial use.

At least it’s the Holy Grail of remote software

Regards Konrad

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  • I like that one too. By the way I like your website so far. Keep up your great work folks!

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