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July 31nd, 2009 at 14:10 ingrid
hello i am so interested using lepord os but i have a problem the problem is i am using windows xp from so many years because i am from India mac os is not that much popular in india because no one know about it really i have installed lepord os in my pc i have completed the installation very well the problem is drivers i have searched through web but i did get any where were can i get drivers for lepord how 2 install them pls help i love mac

The legal OSX Eula prohibits to install OSX on non-Apple hardware. Therefore you will not find drivers for your specific hardware or get any support from Apple. If you just evaluating OSX for academic or research purposes go to the site http://www.osx86project.org/ for information about running OSX on generic hardware platforms but be careful not to violate the OSX Eula.

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  • Another problem is that Leopard don’t work with a classical BIOS but with the new Stadard called EFI. Actualla classical PC Mainboard doesn’t support EFI. There are some implementations but it’s more like a prototype.

    Thats another reason why Leopard won’t run on classical PC hardware without heavy modifications.

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