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Fight for your right to TDD!


You want to use Test Driven Development but your fellow developers refuse it because TDD is for nothing then it’s time to convice them. If you need some good arguments then take a look here:
Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin compiled a list of counter-arguments against the most common anti-TDD arguments

TDD Triage
Echoes from the stone age
TDD Derangement Syndrome

Happy reading and argueing…

Thawte Personal Email Certificate discontinued


Since the year 2004 I’m a member of the Web of Trust from Thawte and have been giving trust points to a number of people. To spread the web of trust we did also signing parties at some universities and schools. This era has come to an end! Thawte decided to discontinue the personal e-mail certificate and the web of trust services. Thawte recently published that security compliance requirements have become more restrictive, while the technology infrastructure necessary to meet these...

Twitter account


Just a short notice. We have now our own twitter account available under . On this twitter account you’ll receive the latest updates when new posts are published on Hope we’ll have you soon as one of our followers.

Windows Mobile 6.5 officially released


Today is the official release day of Windows Mobile 6.5. The new release of Windows Mobile 6.5 is claimed to be much smoother in terms of finger friendly navigation in all parts of the operating system including the today screen and windows explorer but also in terms of stability and performance. The famous iPhone lock and unlock slider is now available on Windows Mobile 6.5 (why reinventing the wheel ;)? ). The internet explorer 6 is integrated into the operating system and offers flash...

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