Test Lint: Find common problems in your unit test code

The creators of typemock have recently published Test Lint. Test Lint is a free extension for Visual Studio 2010 which looks for common problems in your unit test code as you type.

Currently Test Lint finds a set of common problems:

  • Missing asserts in your tests
  • Multiple asserts / verifications on different objects in the same test
  • Tests that invoke other test methods
  • Logic inside unit tests (loops, Ifs Switches..)
    More rules will be added soon, and in upcoming versions, you will even be able to write your own rules based on our parsing infrastructure.

Test Lint will notify you on the spot about each possible issue with a visible queue right inside your editor, right next to the link where the issue appears.

Works with all major frameworks,  Test Lint will detect issues in tests written with:

  • Microsoft Test Framework
  • NUnit
  • MbUnit
  • XUnit.NET
  • CsUnit

The hints provided by the plugin are extracted from Roy Osherove’s book the art of unit testing. Unfortunately this wonderful plugin is only available for Visual Studio 2010.

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