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Yesterday, I attended at TechDays 2010 in Basel,Switzerland, an outstanding session. Neno Loje, a software project manager and developer from Germany talked about project- and requirementsmanagement. His presentation plattform was Visual Studio 2010 combined with Team foundation server 2010, both available in beta-status.

First of all: I was blowed away. I never really worked with Visual studio before, but was I saw was outstanding. Because of some Java-Stuff I have to use NetBeans IDE in our Java-Courses at university. But Visual studio seemed to go much further as NetBeans or Eclipse. All the little gadgets you get inside the program.

Team foundation server 2010 is now able to work with hierarchy items and requirements. MS added some ressource management tools to have better team management inside the team foundation server. And simply everything makes sense (at least to me as a abolute rookie).

What I want to do now is to set up an environment to get in touch with all the details of this new platform. Even if I know that I probably never will develop bigger applications I want to get a better look on whats inside this team management tool.

Once I’m started with the plattform I’ll try to catch some impression about the whole system and share my rookie impressions with all the readers here. I hope you won’t laugh 😉

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