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Some of the blog posts recently declared NAnt as a dead project. But I can assure you that NAnt is not dead!

Some days ago NAnt 0.90 RC1 has been released. Check it out:

And what about NAnt and .NET 4.0? Look at this blog post

Hi all,

We’ve seen a few posts questioning .NET 4.0 support plans in NAnt and I kinda wanted to address those questions.  First off, when the original roadmap was created, we were not complete aware of how fast the release date for .NET 4.0 was coming down the pipe. At the time, we were more focused on restarting NAnt’s development than trying to add support for a new .NET version.  So when .NET 4.0 was released last week in the midst of us putting together 0.90 Beta1, we had to ask ourselves “what should we do with this?”  One thing is for sure is that .NET 4.0 is too big to ignore.

At this point, support for .NET 4.0 has quickly become a high priority for us.  When we started looking into this, we decided that we have two options.  We can either add it to the current 0.90 release cycle or create a 0.91 release cycle just for 4.0 support.  As it stands now, we are going with the latter (0.91) so we can implement support and test properly without rushing.  If we tried to put it in 0.90 as it is now, it may introduce unforeseen bugs that could push the current timetable back considerably.  On top of that, I believe the next WinSDK to support .NET 4.0 has yet to be released.  Which would push the 0.90 timetable back as well.

To help speed up the process, Charles Chan proposed branching off the 0.90 development in the current cvs repository and using HEAD to start development for .NET 4.0 support.  That way, the two can be developed in tandem.  I’m not sure if this decision has been finalized, but it’s a darn good idea, imho. :)

So, to sum it up.  Support for .NET 4.0 is currently high on our priority list but it’s currently not scheduled to appear until version 0.91.  On the bright side, we are looking at ways to speed up .NET 4.0 support development so it will appear before NAnt 1.0 is released.

Hope this answers some questions.


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