WeTab launched

The WeTab has been launched! Some blog posts declared the WeTab as THE iPad Killer. We will see how the WeTab revolutionizes the tablet pc world. The features of WeTab are amazing:

See: http://wetab.mobi/ (Currently only available in Germany for 569 euro the 32 GB/3G version)

What do you think about the WeTab?

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Daniel Marbach


  • If it had been launched, how can you actually purchase it?
    All that is, and was, possible ist to preorder this junk…

  • Hy
    You’re right. They are tricking now on their site. Not long ago the button was labeled “Preorder” and no prices were available. Yesterday they changed the button to “Order now” but practically Amazon.de claims that the product is not yet available online. So I got caught by their marketing tactics! Thanks for pointing this out…

  • The first presentation was amazing. I laughed about the Windows Error Screen (especially because the Device should be running under Windows, afaik). I don’t know if there is actually a big market for such devices. The iPad will be the big exception 🙂

    Just my 2 cents.

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