Multiscreen with microsoft terminal client

Since a few months I’m working in a new project where we have remote PC’s for developing. Since they updated the clients from Windows XP SP1 to SP3 we we have the new remote desktop client. Now it’s possible to show the terminal client on two monitors (or a monitor with a resolution over 1600×1200). We just had to do the following:

  1. create a Shortcut to mstsc.exe
  2. add as params
    • /w:2560 (The screen witdth)
    • /h:1024 (The screen height)
    • /v:hostname

The link will look like this: mstsc.exe /w:2560 /h:1024 /v:hostname
Our expirience was it works not bad. The only thing we noticed was, the client needs more power.

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