Obscure reactions within terminal client

Since we use the new terminal client from microsoft we register sometimes obscure reactions. For example: program flipping while pressing the tab key solo, get the dialog which is shown normally pressing ‘Ctr-Alt-Del’ while pressing the delete key solo.

The problem is…

We discovered that it is very important in which order we release some key combinations like ‘Alt-Shift’. If we press them in the order ‘Alt’ and then ‘Shift’ and release them in the order ‘Alt’ and then ‘Shift’ the terminal client will not receive the ‘Alt’ key is released. So it is very important to release the keys in reverse order they were pressed. (And in our IDE we need this key combination a lot :S )

What is to do when…

If this happens just press the combination again and release the keys in reverse order. That’s the trick. 😉

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