Ninject and extensions 2.2 RC2 available for download

I gladly announce that there is another Release Candidate vor Ninject 2.2 with minor changes available for download at Github.

Here are the changes since RC1:
Ninject Core

  • Collections will get an empty collection instead of an ActivationException if no matching binding is configured
  • Optional attribute can be used on constructor arguments
  • Added additional WithConstructorArgument and WithParamterValue overloads which have the target as additional parameter in the callback function.
WithConstructorArgument((ctx, target) => ....)


  • Added that the request scope is releases at the end of the request. Applications that use the OnePerRequestModule must remove that now. To disable this behavior change the Ninject settings: NinjectSettings.Set(“ReleaseScopeAtRequestEnd”, false);
  • Added Area examples to MVC2 + MVC3 sample applications
  • Clean up of the MVC2 and MVC3 sample application source code
  • Fixed stackoverflow at application shutdown in MVC3


  • Added that the request scope is releases at the end of the request. See MVC for more information about this change


  • Added InCallScope().  I’ll blog about this soon.


  • Added support for the injection of the event brokers into other classes.


  • Added support for injection of the creator of the dependency
  • Added scope for the creator of a dependency

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Remo Gloor

My name is Remo Gloor and I’m working as a software architect at bbv Software Services AG in Zug, Switzerland. My first expiriences with computers were a a little boy with basic programming on a C64, later Pascal an C on an Intel 8080. After finishing my study in software engineering I started working with C#.

Currently, I'm one of two Main Developers of the well known Ninject IoC containers. My other interests beside Ninject are TDD, Scrum and software architecture in general.

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