SunRay Terminal unexpected reboot

For a project we use some SunRay 3 Plus terminal with the Sun Oracle VDI server. After all I only can say this thin client solution rock!!! But in the project time we hade to debug a problem. The problem was some Sun Ray Clients did unexpected reboots every 2 till 5 minutes. And it comes even stranger, next day the Terminal works without any problem and another terminal reboots. After some vi action we found the following error in the Log of the vdi server.

TIME SERVERNAME utauthd: [ID 197738] Worker5 UNEXPECTED: during send to: Broken pipe

After searching the error in the net, we don’t get any step forward. next thing we did analyze the thin client traffic with wire shark. 30 seconds before the Terminal reboots there are many tcp retransmits on the network.


It was “to milk mousses”* after some searching (x>2 Day’s) we find out that the arp Table on the switch with the SunRay attached flips a mac address.


With this additional input it takes 20 seconds and we get the brake trough idea. The problem was a simple IP conflict with a old Printer. So if you ever get this problem don’t waste 3 Day’s of your live.

Regards Konrad

*milk mouse is some German saying for we are working very hard but don’t get any step near the Target.

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