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It has been a bit quiet on our blog for a longer time. Urs and I were pretty busy raising a new child. We long dreamed about a general overhaul of our pet project bbv.Common. We have long been searching for a cool name which reflects the ideas behind the library. Now it is time to announce the final release version of the renamed bbv.Common. Drum roll…

Appccelerate is a library which helps you accelerate your .NET application development. The libraries are based upon real world experience and guaranteed to be used in at least one commercial project. Our goal is to simplify tedious tasks. All components provided by Appccelerate were designed in a way so that your code will be loosely coupled, easy to test and easy to extend and maintain.

The fundamental design rule behind Appccelerate is:

It is designed well if it can be removed easily.

The fundamental design rule is based upon the four building blocks:

  • Proven quality
    Appccelerators are developed and used in real world applications. Buzz ware free!
  • Loosely coupled
    Appccelerators use interface segregation to decouple your application code.
  • Easy to test
    Appccelerators are developed test driven and offer various toolkits to simplify testing.
  • Easy to extend
    Appccelerators follow proven industry standards and are open for extension but closed for modification.
We have a clear definition what proven quality means for us. Let us see what it means.

Quality matters

All code newly added to Appccelerate, is implemented using Acceptance Test Driven Development and Test Driven Development. This guarantees easy to use APIs and a high level of quality (check out our issue tracker on github!).

We use the following measures for quality assurance:

  • ATTD and TDD to develop code.
  • StyleCop to check our code for readability so that bugs can’t hide.
  • Code Analysis/FxCop to check our code for potential design, localization, performance, and security problems.
  • Continuous Integration and Packaging using TeamCity, NAnt, Nuget.
  • Code coverage to spot weak points after refactoring of code.
  • Restructure101 to keep our code without tanggles. (Thanks to Headway Software for providing Urs a license)
  • NCover to check our code for structural problems. (Thanks to Patrick Smacchia for providing Urs a license)


We know that most open source frameworks and libraries aren’t known for good and up to date documentation. Urs and I want to change that. The current state of the components is documented on our website to offer you a head start into the nitty-gritty of the components. In order to keep the documentation up to date we are using a complete open model based on github pages. Everyone can contribute to our website, change spelling mistakes, update documentation or clarify things. No more than 10 seconds after your pull requests get accepted the documentation will be updated on the website!  There is no reason not to contribute!

I’m convinced! Where can I get it?

Nothing simpler than that! Check out our website ( and accelerate your application development today!

Special thanks to Michael Zentner from Zenwis for the great graphical support
Special thanks to bbv Software Services AG which offers us great support regarding time, money and resources to keep us going further

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