Book review: Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C# by Robert C. Martin and Micah Martin

Target audience: Software developers, software architects

Urs’ comment: A must read for software developers and architects (in .NET). This books provides a lot of best practices, patterns and principles (e.g. SOLID). To be honest, I skipped the UML chapter and I only read across the introduction to the principles of XP (there are better books for this). But the book shines on topics such as principles of OO design and packaging and my favourite part is the design smell chapter.

Daniel’s comment: When I read this book I first asked myself why I should read this when we have the Clean Code book from Uncle Bob. But the book has really nice examples for introducing the best practices and patterns which open your mind towards better design. The layout of the book is for my liking a bit too old fashioned.

ISBN: 0131857258

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