Book review: Driving Technical Change – Why People on Your Team Don’t Act on Good Ideas, and How to Convince Them They Should by Terrence Ryan

Target audience: Everyone wanting change

Urs’ comment: I really like this book. It’s thin (I read it in three days), it’s full of good advise, it’s written in an entertaining style, it gives my a toolbox that I can start using now. The book categorizes the skeptics into 7 distinct types: Uninformed, Herd, Cynic, Burned, Time Crunched, Boss and Irrational. Afterwards Terrence Ryan shows us a catalogue of techniques how to handle these skeptics. Finally, the book concludes with a strategy how we can introduce new things in our environment.

While reading this book, you can feel that Terrence Ryan knows what he is writing about. His suggestions, ideas and guideance are concise and very helpful. And most important for me is his message that we should only try to introduce what solves a real problem, not simply because we like it.

ISBN-13: 978-1-93435-660-9

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