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Some of you might already know but I wanted to announce that Remo Gloor and I are currently actively involved in pushing the next major release (namely 4.0.0) of NServiceBus further. This is the first blog post of an upcoming series of blog posts about exciting stuff which will be available in NServiceBus in the next release. I will start describing some mini features and then move to a major new feature in which Remo and I took the main contributor role. Before I start with the blog posts I want to thank Andreas Öhlund, Johns Simons, Samuel Camhi and also Udi Dahan from NServiceBus. These guys are just amazing! They are pushing forward a pretty good product by making it more open and feature rich from release to release. You guys rock!

I want to thank Andreas Öhlund for his great support by spending many hours on skype discussing new ideas and also by removing obstacles we encountered in the source code.

I want to thank John Simons for his great effort he puts into NServiceBus by constantly evolving the framework further and by fixing issues if they occur. He is also a great code review partner despite living in a completely different time zone.

I want to thank Samuel Camhi regarding licensing questions and more.

And last but not least I want to thank Udi Dahan for great patience and involvement in the community. He constantly spreads his knowledge with great patience all around the world and never gets tired answering emails and coming up with new ideas.

You may wonder why I write this blog post? I want to spread the knowledge about a great product and a great community behind a product. The guys behind NServiceBus truly adhere to the principles of open source software even though their making a living out of that product. The whole framework is open source. Everyone can look into the code, criticize, improve, bug fix and follow the development cycle in public. They are supportive and put great effort into it. All in all a good example how the community works. Don’t hesitate and be part of it! Join the discussions on

Look into the code and see what develops on:

Download the framework and get started!

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