Office365 first look and total fail

Today, I saw some ads about Office 365. Office 365 is a complete Office Suite based on the Office 2013 version, which is hosted in the cloud. The idea is brilliant. You pay a small annual fee and get SkyDrive space and most of the office tools included. More information can be found here . I wanted to subscribe for the trial period of one month to test the Home Edition for my personal use. My motivation was that you get up to 5 workstations at home included in the annual fee and of course all upgrades during the subscription period for free. So I signed up with my Windows Live ID.

After successful subscription this is what I get:



Yeah, definitely there is something wrong. Thanks for telling me that! And with this excellent error message I even know how to resolve it… And by the way, after the one month trial period the subscription is automatically turned into a paying subscription when not cancelled. So you might think while you are reading this blogpost: “hurry Daniel, cancel your subscription!”. Yeah I did, too. But according to the help page this can be done on the “My Accounts” page. Hmmm… I wonder how?


Yes this is the “My Account” page!

And for all the nitpickers out there: YES I’m using Internet Explorer…

Internet Explorer

Is this maybe a complete Microsoft Office Datacenter outtake? Because when I log into Hotmail I see this error message:


So for today my Office 365 journey can be marked as a complete fail. But everything has to have two chances. Let’s die another day 😉

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