Onion Architecture Article in Method and Tools Magazine

My article about Onion Architecture has just been released in the Method and Tools Magazine. The article contains even more insights into the Onion Architecture and how it compares to traditional Layered Architecture by analyzing code samples with Structure Studio. I highly recommend you read it.

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The newest spring edition contains the following interesting articles (including mine):

  • The Principles of Done – How to Get Done Done in Scrum
  • Doing Valuable Agile Retrospectives – Why, When and How to Perform Retrospectives in Scrum
  • Chop Onions Instead of Layers – for a Better Software Architecture
  • Ranorex – Automated Testing Tool for Desktop, Web & Mobile Applications

Download the article directly and for free on their website! I suggest you also click the subscribe button to get notified when the next magazine is published. I would like to thank Franco Martinig for giving me the possibility to publish my article in his magazine!

Remember: Chop onions instead of layers and turn your tears of sorrow into tears of delight.

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