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I’m currently travelling around in Germany and giving a whole day workshop about Composite UI for Service Oriented Systems. Part of that tour in Germany are also several Usergroup presentations each day in another city. So far I have visited Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden. The next station today is Braunschweig. After Braunschweig I will return back to Switzerland. I can only say it has been a blast so far! This blogpost is the overview and content linking blog post for a series of blogposts. I decided to divide the content of the Workshop into several blogpost because having all in one would be a massive one which nobody will have the motivation to read. In this handout I do not include the exercises we did during the Workshop. If you want the exercises too, then contact me and I’m more than happy to host the workshop at your event or in your company!


After this workshop you’ll be able to argument why it is important to decompose large systems and how the decomposition can be achieved. Furthermore this workshop will provide you with the necessary practices to reassemble the system together into a whole user experience by applying service composition techniques.

Let’s get started!

Blog post overview (will be updated after each blogpost has been published, you can also use the tag “CompositeUI” on the blog)

  1. Systems and Applications
  2. Fallacies of Distributed Systems Part I
  3. Fallacies of Distributed Systems Part II
  4. Fallacies of Distributed Systems Part III
  5. Monolithic and Big Ball of Mud Systems
  6. Coupling
  7. Messaging Introduction
  8. Messaging vs RPC
  9. Messaging and Fault tolerance
  10. More message patterns
  11. Ordering and buy-in
  12. Services are not webservices
  13. Data outside vs Data inside
  14. Immutable and stable
  15. Mashup means bringing it together
  16. Composition patterns
  17. Challenges Part I
  18. Challenges Part II

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