A sad and happy day at the same time. It’s time to move on!

For a little more than seven years bbv Software Services AG has been my first employer after my studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Horw, Lucerne. Today it’s time to say goodbye. But before I talk about my new future allow me to take a step back and reflect on my bbv Software Services experience. In 2008 in January I started working for bbv as a Software Engineer. I started working on compact framework mobile applications and hybrid applications which could target compact framework and the full .net framework. This included a custom made field engineering tool for “smart metering” and a few prototypes for session and patient data in health care. From there on I joined a small in-house team building data and control software for blood analysis hardware for a customer in the MedTech industries. After the contract was over I built an SPS and database framework for a customer specialized in EC and DC motors and couldn’t wait to start building another field engineering tool to program SIM cards of elevators built by a customer of bbv. Thereafter I had the chance to build a firmware update mechanism including a plugin architecture for a customer specialized in wound therapy and breastfeeding. In 2010 I got the opportunity to be the technical lead developer / architect of an automated guidance system for milling machines including robots, quality measuring machines and much more. In 2012 I became the lead developer / architect of a highly distributed medical customer management system. At the end of 2014 I had the chance to build a reliable Service Bus for Windows Server cluster infrastructure including an open source service bus library on top of Service Bus for Windows Server. During all this years I have also been doing several architecture reviews and consultings in Switzerland, Germany and UK, several bbv academies, educational programs for customers such as NServiceBus and distributed systems design course as well as several user group talks, blog posts, open source projects, magazine articles and more. Through all this year’s bbv and its management has been a wonderful supporter and enabler of my crazy ideas, drive to go forward, my desire to influence people and gave me more and more opportunities and trust to help to bring the company to the next level.

I can only say from the bottom of my heart: Thank you bbv, it has been an amazing time!

But enough of the past! Apart from February 2015 I will be working fulltime as a Solution Architect / Engineer for Particular Software, Israel. I’ll be helping new and existing customers onboard the Particular Platform experience and of course still get my hands dirty by helping the engineering team to advance and enrich existing or new tools and ideas. I’ll be part of a highly skilled distributed team working over multiple time zones and be pushing myself every day to catch up with the psychological and brain power surrounding me. Let the journey begin!

If you want to hire me for an architecture review, TDD, ATDD, legacy code, distributed systems consulting with primary focus in the Microsoft .NET world don’t hesitate to contact me over email, twitter, github… I’ll be working in Switzerland under the Company tracelight GmbH (website and more is unfortuntately still work in progress). I’m sure we will be able to work something out.

Pss: Don’t worry, I’ll still be hosting the .NET Usergroup Central Switzerland Meetings!

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