Better way of running integration tests inside Service Fabric

In the last post, I showed how you could run integration tests inside Service Fabric. The approach I showed has one mature problem: It is not possible to reliably run these tests from within your favourite IDE of choices like Visual Studio or Jetbrains Rider. Today I’ll show you a more sophisticated approach to run tests inside Service Fabric including support to run the tests from within any IDE that allows running NUnit tests.

Here is a short video how it looks like. The video is without sound.

The demo shows the following parts

  • A complex test fixture
    • Using reliable state manager
    • Using ignore attribute
  • A simple test fixture
    • Using console output
    • Assert.Ignore
    • Assert.Inconclusive
    • A failing test
    • How environment variables get automatically promoted to the process running the tests
  • How tests get automagically deployed and undeployed from the service fabric cluster

And here the same with Jetbrains Rider (for the nitpickers 😉 )

In the next posts I’m going to dive into how the approach works and what individual pieces it consists off.

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