Software Architecture in the agile World – Part 1: Intro

These are the slides with some notes from my talk about software architecture when developing in an agile way.


  1. Intro
  2. Where to start when there is just a product vision
  3. Incremental and iterative
  4. Making decisions with little knowledge
  5. Changing things without breaking them
  6. How to get fast feedback
  7. Changing requirements and technologies
  8. No time for improvements
  9. Summary

Max is a software architect. His team got a new job to build a new product.

Max’s team wants to build software that helps find the team members with the right skills for a team.

Given the skills needed for a team (shown on the right) and the potential team members with their current skills, the software matches the skills to staff the perfect team.

The first version will be used in-house by Max’s company, so it can be very simple. There will be a low number of users and little data.

If the first version is a success, the second version should be built as a Software as a Service (SaaS), so that it can be sold to other customers. Version 2 has to be a multi-tenant system that scales to whatever number of users there will be with high-security requirements.

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