Software Architecture in the agile World – Part 9: Summary

These are the slides with some notes from my talk about software architecture when developing in an agile way. Contents

Let’s look back at the workflow Max and his team used to build a solution to their problem.

First, they invested in problem understanding so that they then could decompose the problem into almost independent subproblems. Finding solutions to the subproblems and composing these together into a solution for the whole problem were the next iterative steps. Once a consistent solution was found, the team started to implement the partial solutions. They went in very small steps by implementing only minimal tracer-bullet solutions by leaving things out through simplification and fakes. As soon as possible the team deployed the software so that they could get feedback from the stakeholders. With this feedback, the team adapts the current solution and keeps extending it. Then the team runs through this loop of releasing, getting feedback and adapting the solution until the software product is no longer used anymore.

This is the summary of the tips I gave you along the way.

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