PXE Boot Environment


There are a lot of HowTos in the web talking about PXE boot and how to configure it. But most of them are applied to a particular Linux/Unix distribution or a particular Thin-Client Boot framework. The goal of this HowTo is to show which components are needed in an PXE boot environment and how they are related to each other. No particular linux distribution and no particular framework. After this article you will be able to set up a little PXE boot environment in your private (home)network for...

OpenSSH 5.1 and Hash Visualization


As we all know the major issue with security is the user itself, because current security systems don’t consider the human factor. Most of the security measures neglect the human limitation in the real world with the result that the users are annoyed by the system. Annoyed users stop paying attention or even worse they stop considering the whole security aspect of the system they are using. OpenSSH 5.1 implements a new (experimental) feature based on an innovative visualization...

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