Agile UI Development in .NET: Tools


In the last post, I showed you the big picture of my UI design pattern. Before I can start showing you sample code for the different parts, I need to introduce some tools, which are used to glue all the tiny parts together:

Dependency Injection
Design By Contract
Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication
Test Driven Development

Change the path SQL 2008 Server Database


In the most cases there are benefits when all data (log and db) files are on the network storage. Think off the benefit in terms of performance and backup. The Install wizard of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 shows only the option to change the path of the temporary database. In this guide I show you how to move the databases. Please keep in mind to create a backup of your db’s before starting. I know backup is only for hot shower takers, gym bag losers and armpit hair blow-dryers;-). On my test...

PXE Boot Environment


There are a lot of HowTos in the web talking about PXE boot and how to configure it. But most of them are applied to a particular Linux/Unix distribution or a particular Thin-Client Boot framework. The goal of this HowTo is to show which components are needed in an PXE boot environment and how they are related to each other. No particular linux distribution and no particular framework. After this article you will be able to set up a little PXE boot environment in your private (home)network for...

Windows 7 features videos


As some of you might already know Windows 7 is now released for manufacturing and will soon be available. Eric Ligman provides on the Microsoft SMB Community Blog a nice set of cool videos about the new features of Windows 7 such as User State Migration Tool, BranchCache, Direct Access, User Account Control (UAC) and many more. I recommend his blog post for everyone who wants a deeper insight into the exciting features of Windows 7.

Ask a Geek Question, most useful mac os x apps.


Martin one of our famous blog readers submitted a wish, … He would love to see a list of of the most useful mac os x apps. I know there are lots of other sites on the web taking care of it already, but hey guys its a growing community. Well keep up your great work. Martin.
The question is not so easy answered though. Mac OS X leopard has already most of the things I need built-in. But there are still some. Let us start with some basic tools I use.

Kick the crashed AD controller out


Sometimes bad things happen, sometimes ugly things happen. One of the very bad things that can happen is when an active domain controller crashes and there is no backup available. The case becomes really ugly if nobody cares about the crashed controller for about 60 days (forest that was created on a domain controller running Windows Server 2003 and earlier) or 180 days (forest that was created on a domain controller running Windows Server 2003 sp1 and later). On this depends the default...

Net App filer in Vmware


For a project I have to learn some of the specialty of an iScsi NAS. To be precise it was Net App FAS 2500 Filer. These things are very nice but a little too expensive for my personal use. But Net App offers a nice simulator of their product and the simulator is free. You just need to create an account on the Net App web site and search for the word ”simulator” or just follow this link. (). Some bloody side note: the website doesn’t work fine with safari. Just use Firefox and...

Remote Support software for free


Remote software for free Normally I’m not a big promoter of software. But this tool is amazing. Every, and I mean every IT Professional is having the same problem. Everybody in the world looks at you and sees the free helpdesk. Ok I must admit most of the time this is not a problem because helping is caring friendship. Helping over the phone is good because you don’t have to travel. But this is not easy for each occasion. There are a lot of good remote software programs for companies. But the...

Cisco’s basic know-how part 1


This week a nice opportunity knocked on the door. As a windows server administrator in large companies you cannot configure every day switches and routers from the basis. Normally some network guy will do the configuration of the cool Cisco stuff for you. The configuration of Cisco is very easy when you know something about networks. The only problem is to know the commands. This week and in the next post we’ll do an easy basic configuration together. The lab is created in an old version of the...

Fine grained password policy


Today we take a closer look at the Microsoft Active Directory in the 2008 native mode. One of the problems that windows administrators often face in the daily business is the setting of password policies for the whole company. Under Windows Server 2003 it was not possible to set more than one policy for the accounts. So from the domain administrator to the user every body needed the same complex password. Under active directory in version 2008 there is a new object type in the schema which is...

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