Is MacOs dead? Apple wants us to migrate to Windows 8.1


This Christmas I upgraded my IT infrastructure to the latest and greatest. I bought a new Mac Book Pro Retina 15 inch with 1 TB SDD, 16 GB Ram, NVidia graphics card and latest i7 processor available for Mac Books. This is the detailed spec I currently own: 1TB PCIe-based Flash Storage 16GB 1600MHz DDR3L SDRAM 2.8GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 4.0GHz NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M with 2GB of GDDR5 memory The performance and hardware you get for the price is really awesome. Then I...

VHD Native Boot (updated)


Are you working with Virtual Machines like Oracle’s VirtualBox or Microsoft’s VirtualPC? Have you had problems with the performance of those or hardware which is not supported. In this article I will show you how you can circumvent these restrictions with VHD Native Boot for Windows.

Epia goes 2 VirtualBox


A few days ago, my epia device gave up it’s live. So I was looking for a temporary alternative to start the harddisk.
Looking back it was very easy to get it run in my desktop, to get the data I’m storing on it. (A little database and some Webservices)
Here you can read how you get an existing OS into your VirtualBox.

USB to DVI Adapter from Gefen


You can’t imagine how frustrated I was when I received my new dell business notebook with Core i7 (hyperthreading) when I tried to attach two external monitors to the docking station while running the laptop screen as third monitor… It’s just not possible! As a software developer it is really helpful to have three monitors. I usually have the following work setup when having three monitors (normally 20” with 1600×1200): First monitor (primary with taskbar): VS2010...

OSX Leopard on PC Hardware


July 31nd, 2009 at 14:10 ingrid hello i am so interested using lepord os but i have a problem the problem is i am using windows xp from so many years because i am from India mac os is not that much popular in india because no one know about it really i have installed lepord os in my pc i have completed the installation very well the problem is drivers i have searched through web but i did get any where were can i get drivers for lepord how 2 install them pls help i love mac The legal OSX Eula...

Net App filer in Vmware


For a project I have to learn some of the specialty of an iScsi NAS. To be precise it was Net App FAS 2500 Filer. These things are very nice but a little too expensive for my personal use. But Net App offers a nice simulator of their product and the simulator is free. You just need to create an account on the Net App web site and search for the word ”simulator” or just follow this link. (). Some bloody side note: the website doesn’t work fine with safari. Just use Firefox and...

Reducing the noise of my hard drive


Recently I bought a new computer with a Samsung Spinpoint F1 as primary hard drive. Every time when I boot up the computer or the system is heavily loading data the hard drive brings the whole computer case into vibrations which is making quite annoying sounds. So I decided to buy a HDD silencer to decouple the hard drive from the computer’s case. At the time of my research several HDD silencer systems where available. The main difference between the various products although was the fact that...

Cisco’s basic know-how part 1


This week a nice opportunity knocked on the door. As a windows server administrator in large companies you cannot configure every day switches and routers from the basis. Normally some network guy will do the configuration of the cool Cisco stuff for you. The configuration of Cisco is very easy when you know something about networks. The only problem is to know the commands. This week and in the next post we’ll do an easy basic configuration together. The lab is created in an old version of the...

LaCie LaCinema Black Max


I must admit that I’m not an owner of the LaCie LaCinema Black Max but I’m a proud owner of the popcorn hour A110. The popcorn hour A110 is a small media box which plays almost every video and audio format on the market. The media box includes portal services for youtube, google video, shoutcast and many more platforms. Although I’m very pleased with this box I want to present to you the latest news about LaCie LaCinema Black Max.

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