Part II: Mimic SynchronizationContext behaviour on .NET CF


Not long ago I posted the first part of this article under: Part I: Mimic SynchronizationContext behaviour on .NET CF The article was intended to give the reader a better feeling of the purpose of the SynchronizationContext and the importance of the class on behalf of synchronization between different apartment threads. Unfortunately the SynchronizationContext is not available on the .NET compact framework which is especially annoying when you want to port existing code which uses the...

Part I: Mimic SynchronizationContext behaviour on .NET CF


Before I got into the details of the problem I want to briefly describe what the SynchronizationContext class really does and what it’s main purpose really is in the first part of the article. From that perspective I’m going to show how the basic functionality of the SynchronizationContext class can be implemented for the .NET compact framework in the second part of the article..

Windows Mobile 6.5 information leaked


We don’t have to wait for the official announcements of Windows Mobile 6.5 to get the latest news about the mobile operating system. Yesterday a beta version of Windows Mobile 6.5 hast been leaked to the public which everyone can install on his qtek 9090.

Rumors about Windows Mobile 6.5


There are rumors going around on the internet about the release of windows mobile 6.5. Some say that windows mobile 6.5 is never going to be released but other strongly believe that the new windows mobile 6.5 will be released soon.
Not long ago people were blogging on the internet that Microsoft is probably going to focus on windows 7 and it’s integration into the newest mobile devices. But that has not been approved by Microsoft.

Delegate.DynamicInvoke for .NET Compact Framework


As you might already know I’m a certified windows mobile application developer. My speciality is hybrid application development for applications which target both the full .NET framework platform and also the mobile platform. Of course nobody wants to write the same code for each platform again so you have to come up with some tricks and solutions to overcome some limitations on the compact framework.

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