The problem: Formbased access to sharepoint by WebDav


In one of my projects I’m currently using WebDav to communicate to a sharepoint server. To minimize the developing costs regarding WebDav and to speed up the project I evaluated a nice library from ITHit which fully implements WebDAV RFC 2518 and DeltaV RFC 3253. The library is pretty straight forward to use and implemented in TDD manor. The cool thing also about this library is that resources and items from the remote location are returned as interfaces which really simplifies testing in...

Prio 2009 in Munich


Just a quick announcement that I’m going to have a speech at the Prio 2009 in Munich on October 28. or 29. 2009. The main topic of the Prio conference this year is “User Interface”. I’m going to talk about UI development the TDD way and show how to use the Passive-View-Command pattern for better testability, extendibility and changeability. I’m touching a lot of topics in this session: MVVM – Model View ViewModel pattern WPF commands and “normal” command pattern Unity – Inversion of Control...

Immutable types in C#


Looking for new “brainfood” on programming topics on the internet I came across a really interesting article about immutable types in C# from Joe Duffy who happens to be the lead developer and architect for Parallel Extensions to .NET. If an object of a given types is immutable that means that the state of the object will never change after being constructed. Joe Duffy explains and shows by example how immutable types could be approached in .NET

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 Setup & First Look Experience


Recently I installed Windows 7 RC1 at home to get a first glance at the new and exciting windows operating system. Shortly after installing Windows 7 I also downloaded Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 to have a quick overview about the .NET Framework 4.0 Beta 1 and the development environment. Here’s a brief description how my setup and first look experience went like.

Concurrency and Coordination Runtime


Sometimes I stumble over some new technologies on the internet and I say to myself “this is just too good to be true”. Recently I came across some nice tutorials and videos about the concurrency and coordination runtime of Microsoft. My first thought was that this is one of that “too good to be true” technologies. But then I did a closer look and decided that this technology is worth mentioning on planetgeek. The Microsoft Concurrency and Coordination Runtime (short CCR) is part of the...

Passive View Command (PVC) Pattern


When I’m coaching teams in Test Driven Development (TDD), I’m often asked how to deal with the User Interface (UI). The problem is that the unit test frameworks are weak in testing Forms, Controls, Buttons, Grids, and so on. Weak because they do not support it at all or the tests become very fragile (e.g. renaming a Label causes the test to fail).
We address this problem with the Passive View Command pattern, PVC for short.

Windows 7 – 64 Bit – A .NET Developer’s View


I’m currently working with Windows 7 Public Beta (Build 7000) and I’m very satisfied with it. I only had two blue screens since I have installed it 3 months ago. I would like to share some really cool features in W7 in an upcoming post and look at this video on Channel 9. But the interesting thing from a .NET Developers perspective is the 64 Bit part of Windows 7 (that should be the same as in Windows XP 64 Bit or Windows Vista 64 Bit) which I will cover in this post. First of all:...

Dynamically create delegates


Recently I was facing a problem regarding delegates. I needed to dynamically create a delegate which “points to” a dynamically reflected method which is not static on a given type. The problem was, that at the time of the “inspection” of the type I had no instance of that type available. Normally delegates “pointing to” instances are said to be closed on a given  instance therefore you need to have a concrete instance of the type available which the delegate can be bound to. An example of a...

NMock2 is fast. Really fast!


Andrew Kazyrevich published a post containing timing comparisons of Moq, Rhino Mocks, Isolator and NMock2.
And NMock2 – although still lacking some features – is very fast compared to the competitors. Woohoo!
I’m curious how the newly introduced features (mock classes, non-strict and recursive mocks) will change in this setup. I’ll check that out as soon as I find some time :-O
If you want to check the new features (alpha!) yourself then here is the svn URL:
Happy mocking!

Structs being disposable


Lately I was refactoring a manager class which used internally a private struct to hold instances belonging together in a dictionary. Some referenced instances hold in this struct were disposable, thus implementing the IDisposable interface. The thought of implementing IDisposable on the internal struct came across my mind but then I quickly asked myself what happens with the struct if you implement IDisposable in .NET. I want to present the result of my research in this article.

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