Office 365 second look and surprisingly good!


The first time when I tried out Office 365 it was a total fail. I was told from guys from Microsoft that there have been some issues which should be fixed by now. So today I did another try out with Office 365 because I think the idea behind it is simply amazing. For a pretty fair price you get a full Office Suite in the cloud plus the ability to install it locally on up to 5 Machines with the home license. This would suffice to never worry again about Office licensing for home usage and my...

Office365 first look and total fail


Today, I saw some ads about Office 365. Office 365 is a complete Office Suite based on the Office 2013 version, which is hosted in the cloud. The idea is brilliant. You pay a small annual fee and get SkyDrive space and most of the office tools included. More information can be found here . I wanted to subscribe for the trial period of one month to test the Home Edition for my personal use. My motivation was that you get up to 5 workstations at home included in the annual fee and of course all...

Unleash your code with PostSharp


Currently, I have some spare time and wanted to play around with geeky stuff. The guys from provided me a evaluation version of their tool PostSharp. PostSharp is a framework for aspect oriented programming in .NET. In short, aspect oriented programming helps you to remove unnecessary boiler plate code such as logging, transaction handling, exception handling and many more. The boiler plate code I’m talking about is also called cross-cutting concern because it cuts...

The future smells like JavaScript


Of course I am only repeating what others are preaching about the recent rise of JavaScript.
But I think the movement is significant and can’t be overstated. And recent developments are really even making it more and more interesting.
Nobody can deny hat JavaScript is the de facto programming language of Html5. Every other language trying to bolt itself onto Html5 looks like pure friction so far. And Html5 is looking upon a prospering future.

Why I like NDepend to untangle Dependencies in my Code


Some time ago, Patrick Smacchia (NDepend lead developer) offered me a NDepend Pro license to play around. NDepend is a tool providing a lot of features. The feature that impressed me from the very start is visualizing dependencies. Not just dependencies from classes to classes, or assemblies to assemblies; no from everything to everything. Like for example all assemblies that use somewhere the method Foo of class Bar. It works for assemblies, namespaces, types, methods and fields. But, what’s...

GitExtensions 2.24 and Apply Patch pitfall


Today I survived a shocking experience.  I’m working on an open source framework. Some of the features I’ve been doing at home on a cloned git respository. I have commited about 6 times for a feature. Another change of the feature I was doing on another machine at my workplace. These changes were another two commits. I then patched the two commits I did on my work computer and applied them at home upon the other six commits with gitextensions (version 2.24). When I applied the...

Using VS2010 integrated fxcop in continuous integration


In our projects we heavily rely on the Microsoft FxCop engine. FxCop prevents us from making stupid programming mistakes like forgetting to dispose a disposable object etc. For a long time we used the FxCop engine 10.0 which has a command line integration for continuous integration environments. Lately we discovered that the VS2010 integrated FxCop has a much stronger analysis engine and more rule sets which could improve our code base even further. But how do you get the VS2010 integrated...

VS2010 Search + Replace to the rescue


I’m currently working porting a library into another open source project. As I have heavily extended the library my primary goal was to make it work and then compliant to the coding guidelines. A lot of my code contained in the library had automatically generated (with R#) interface implementations which contained blank lines between the curly braces. As you might know this is not StyleCop compliant. Wonderfully I was able to address the issues with the VS2010 Search + Replace dialog and tagged...

Expose for Windows


In this article i will show you a small tool named “switcher”. Maybe you know the feature expose on mac OS S, Switcher enables this on Windows Vista and Windows 7 Clients. I guess if you install Switcher you never use “alt” & “tab” and “win” & “tab” again.

USB to DVI Adapter from Gefen


You can’t imagine how frustrated I was when I received my new dell business notebook with Core i7 (hyperthreading) when I tried to attach two external monitors to the docking station while running the laptop screen as third monitor… It’s just not possible! As a software developer it is really helpful to have three monitors. I usually have the following work setup when having three monitors (normally 20” with 1600×1200): First monitor (primary with taskbar): VS2010...

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