How to find misplaced or misnamed unit tests with NDepend


In my current project, we do a lot of refactoring to keep the source code as simple and understandable as possible. This involves a lot of renaming of classes and moving classes between namespaces to structure the code in a better understandable way (here is explained how we structure our code). Sometimes, this results in unit tests not renamed or moved along with the production classes they test.
Therefore, I wrote some NDepend queries that show us these misplaced or misnamed test classes.

.NET Open Source Projects and Coding Guidelines

In my projects, we use a lot of open source libraries like Ninject, xUnit, Machine.Specifications, FluentAssertions, StyleCop, Moq, statLight, AgUnit and of course the project I lead myself: bbv.Common. These projects are really cool. But sometimes of course, we need something that they do not (yet) provide. Like adding Machine.Specification support in FluentAssertions or a faster runner for xUnit unit tests under silverlight with AgUnit and statLight. Therfore, we download the source code and...

Custom StyleCop Rules


Microsoft’s StyleCop is a code style and consistency analysis tool for C#. The tool integrates into the Visual Studio IDE, or can be run on the command line. StyleCop ships with a default set of rules enforcing common style guidelines.
This article describes how to write custom StyleCop rules.

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