Angular Component – Part 2: ngModel


In my last article, I’ve explained how to use @Input() and @Output() and how to combine them to offer two-way binding for your component. This time I want to take this component to behave like a proper control within a <form>-element that is using ngForm. What’s ngModel, and why should I use it? In a typical Angular application, we often encounter scenarios where we have to handle forms with various input controls and a button to send data or perform some sort of action. The...

Participating in TransactionScopes and Async/Await Let’s get the money back!


In my last post we lost billions of dollars from a VIP customer. Let’s not do that again, shall we? In the meantime you should have bought a bigger wallet, I hope you did your homework as well. So the question is how can we improve the situation? Let do a quick recap what went wrong last time: We were using async void to fire & forget the send operation inside the enlistment implementation. This allowed us to asynchronously dispatch the send operation without blocking the client code...

Logging in an onion architecture


In reaction to this post I received an interesting comment from valeriu. A very nice wrap-up about onion architecture, thank you for sharing the presentation! However, there’s a something that’s bothering me. Sometimes, you may have need to interact with some infrastructure parts from the inner layers. A good example will be logging – domain service may need to log some details or exceptions. How you would approach that? To keep the right direction for dependencies (if you’re really committed...



Currently I’m in the refresher course of the swiss armed forces in Andermatt. So I get plenty of time to test my new Apple iPad. I have the 16 GB model without the 3G (UMTS) modem. I decide to buy the cheapest model because I think I don’t need much storage on my web tablet. The 3G option was for me secondary because I own a notebook with built in UMTS modem. As a side note you can use the freeware Connectify to switch any pc in to a wlan access point . Or create a wlan network proxy with an...

Updated Books Page: User Stories Applied


Keeping up with my goal to read a book every month (if they are reasonably thin), I just finished User Stories Applied – For Agile Software Developmen by Mike Cohn.

Check out our Books page for my short review.
The next book on my list is Agile Estimating and Planning by Mike Cohn.
Happy reading!

Updated Books Page


Once again, a new book joins the books I’ve read on my shelf: Agile Coaching by Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley.
Take a look at the books page for my short review.
Happy reading!

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