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Daniel and Urs at DWX in Nuremberg in June


Daniel and Urs are speakers at the developer week DWX in Nuremberg in June.
If you want to speak to us in person and not just read from us on this blog, come and join us.
You even get a discount, just insert the registration code DWX2018Enzler and unlock your 15 % discount on all tickets. Information & tickets on
But, what are we talking about at the conference anyway (talks in German and the workshop will be in English)?

Migrating NServiceBus from v5 to v6 – Injecting IMessageSession when using NServiceBus.Host


I’m on the way to migrating from NServiceBus v5 to v6, and currently using NServiceBus.Host. As changing everything at the same time would be too much risk, I decided to keep using NServiceBus.Host until the migration to v6 is completed. This post is only relevant if you’re using NServiceBus.Host to host your endpoint. NServiceBus.Host for v6 does not register the NServiceBus interfaces (e.g. IMessageSession) on the dependency injection container anymore. During startup of the...

101 ideas for agile teams


Long time no see!
You may or may not have missed posts from me lately. The reason is that I was busy writing about my ideas on how to improve teamwork in agile teams over at .
The ideas cover the topics:

Communication & collaboration in an agile team
Continuous learning
Continuous improvement
Better quality
how to organize the team’s work
effective meetings

Check them out and I’d like to read your feedback.

Linux Workstation as Router


Since I have some Rasperry PI’s which do not have a WAN connection because they are in an autonomous LAN or just do not have a WLAN module. From time to time I want to do some upgrades. So I need a connection between the LAN containing my PI’s and the WAN.

Integration Tests in Service Fabric – NUnitTestAssemblyRunner


In the previous post, I explained the inner workings of the communication listener and how it uses NUnitLite and a custom code to cache test names. In this post I’ll show how the NUnitTestAssemblyRunner is used to run individual tests when the client calls the Run method with individual test names. Without further ado The Run method executes the actual test run on a dedicated worker thread. With the setting of SynchronousEvents set to true introduced in the previous blog post, all event...

Integration Tests in Service Fabric – Communication Listener


In the previous post in my series on integration tests in Service Fabric I walked my readers through the AbstractTestRunner whose responsibility it is to discover tests in combination with the communication listener and exposes all the discovered tests to the client to be able to run individual tests over Service Fabric Remoting. In this post, I will introduce the communication listener which contains the actual test runner and discovery process which uses NUnit. Service Fabric SDK provides an...

Integration Tests in Service Fabric – Server side runner


In the last post in my series on integration tests in Service Fabric I showed how it is possible to use the C# API of the Service Fabric SDK to deploy the test applications dynamically to the cluster. The approach showed also used a ServiceProxy client that was able to interact with the server-side hosted inside the cluster over Service Fabric remoting. The service proxy is responsible for querying all tests that are hosted inside the test application and then instruct the service to run them...

Integration Tests in Service Fabric – Client side deployment


In the most recent post, I showed how the R base class fetches all the test definitions from the cluster and executes the tests one by one. In this post, I will walk you through the client side deployment. One of the nice benefits of Service Fabric is that it provides out of the box a relatively complete deployment story. It is possible to deploy application packages entirely in code by using Powershell or C#. All you need for that to work is the latest SDK. To deploy an application to the...

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