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Daniel and Urs at DWX in Nuremberg in June


Daniel and Urs are speakers at the developer week DWX in Nuremberg in June.
If you want to speak to us in person and not just read from us on this blog, come and join us.
You even get a discount, just insert the registration code DWX2018Enzler and unlock your 15 % discount on all tickets. Information & tickets on
But, what are we talking about at the conference anyway (talks in German and the workshop will be in English)?

Migrating NServiceBus from v5 to v6 – Injecting IMessageSession when using NServiceBus.Host


I’m on the way to migrating from NServiceBus v5 to v6, and currently using NServiceBus.Host. As changing everything at the same time would be too much risk, I decided to keep using NServiceBus.Host until the migration to v6 is completed. This post is only relevant if you’re using NServiceBus.Host to host your endpoint. NServiceBus.Host for v6 does not register the NServiceBus interfaces (e.g. IMessageSession) on the dependency injection container anymore. During startup of the...

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