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Eclipse will not find all classes with [Ctrl-Shift-T]


Today I stumbled upon the problem eclipse did not find some classes with the code completition or [Ctrl-Shift-T]. If you write the class name in the code everything looks ok. I tried to clean my workspaces with rebuild etc. did not work.
But there is hope: After deleting all content in .metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.jdt.core eclipse re-indexes the workspace again and everything is ok. I guess -clean as startup parameter would work likewise but I can’t verify.

Eclipse and Ant – They really get along very well!


Have you ever used your own custom ant task in the eclipse environment. Well – I have written some ant tasks and they are being used by all developers in our company. But there’s the annoying thing that I always have to add the libs containing my tasks to the classpath. Nothing easier than this you might be thinking. Add it to ants classpath in the eclipse preferences. This works on my machine but what about all other developers? What about updates to the libs? I guess I found the...

Windows Mobile 6.5 information leaked


We don’t have to wait for the official announcements of Windows Mobile 6.5 to get the latest news about the mobile operating system. Yesterday a beta version of Windows Mobile 6.5 hast been leaked to the public which everyone can install on his qtek 9090.

Windows Server Baseline Security


Part One. Today and in my next posts, we want to take a closer look at the security settings of windows server. One good way to start is the “Security Configuration Wizard” later called as SCW. The wizard was patched in the operating system with SP1. In the release 2 of windows server 2003 you don’t need to patch – it’s from start up SP2.

Clean Code Developer


Yesterday, I found an interesting page (in German) describing some of the most important patterns and practices in software development: Although I’m not a fan of wrist bands (see the linked page to see for yourself), I like the page for its short description of patterns and practices like: Don’t repeat yourself keep it simple stupid single responsibility pattern separation of concerns interface segregation principle dependency injection principle Liskov substitution principle open close...

Rumors about Windows Mobile 6.5


There are rumors going around on the internet about the release of windows mobile 6.5. Some say that windows mobile 6.5 is never going to be released but other strongly believe that the new windows mobile 6.5 will be released soon.
Not long ago people were blogging on the internet that Microsoft is probably going to focus on windows 7 and it’s integration into the newest mobile devices. But that has not been approved by Microsoft.

Why should I write tests?


Often I get asked: Why should I write a test. What should I answer? My preferred answer is: It’s an insurance to you. At the time you have tests for your code, somebody else can do modifications on your code and you are sure it still does what it should. Otherwise your test will fail. (Well some people think: Why should somebody else modify my code? That’s impossible, this code is too complex, as it can be modified by somebody else… But this is another story.) I also like the...

PowerShell V2 installed by default


I’m quite sure you know Powershell – this incredibly fancy Shell that allows you to do things you couldn’t even imagine without 🙂 Version 1.1 of Powershell is now heavy on market – every new software from Microsoft must be powershell-enabled. But the best thing is that Microsoft announced, Powershell will be installed by default on every copy of Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. And as far as I know there will be support for Powershell in Windows Server Core. Find...

Windows 7


Since a week I am using Windows 7 and until now, I am really satisfied. Windows 7 feels much faster than Vista and it’s something like a fine tuned Vista.
Here you can read the most notable new features:

For further information, you will find here a good walkthrough:

Delegate.DynamicInvoke for .NET Compact Framework


As you might already know I’m a certified windows mobile application developer. My speciality is hybrid application development for applications which target both the full .NET framework platform and also the mobile platform. Of course nobody wants to write the same code for each platform again so you have to come up with some tricks and solutions to overcome some limitations on the compact framework.

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