Book review RavenDB High Performance


 I was excited when I got the chance to review the book RavenDB High Performance from Packtpub. Because we are using RavenDB in production. The title itself High Performance gave me the impression that this book is all about micro optimizing RavenDB by tweaking internals of RavenDB. I was quite surprised when I detected that this book takes another approach. The first chapter starts with introducing what a document database is and explains in a few words the RavenDB architecture. In my point of...

Updated Books Page: User Stories Applied


Keeping up with my goal to read a book every month (if they are reasonably thin), I just finished User Stories Applied – For Agile Software Developmen by Mike Cohn.

Check out our Books page for my short review.
The next book on my list is Agile Estimating and Planning by Mike Cohn.
Happy reading!

Updated Books Page


Once again, a new book joins the books I’ve read on my shelf: Agile Coaching by Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley.
Take a look at the books page for my short review.
Happy reading!

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