Caliburn.Micro – Core infrastructure


In my last post I covered basic topics about Caliburn and Caliburn.Micro. Lets look into the core infrastructure. Bootstrapper In short terms the Bootstrapper is responsible to configure the framework and provides extension points to hook in various Inversion of Control containers. The generic variant of the Bootstrapper allows defining which view acts as the main view (view-first) or which view model acts as the main model (view-model-first) of the application. The Bootstrapper can either be...

Caliburn.Micro – Introduction


Caliburn.Micro is a lightweight and small, yet powerful framework for developing rich WPF, Silverlight or Windows Phone applications. Caliburn.Micro has only a single dependency to the System.Windows.Interactivity library. Due to its small footprint of only 75 k and approximately 2700 lines of code it is not only lightning fast in startup and execution time but also easy to understand. The framework offers pattern guidance for the following well established design patterns: Model – View...

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