Async method without cancellation support, do it my way.


In the last post, I talked about Dennis Doomen’s LiquidProjects project and the challenge they faced with asynchronous APIs that were not cancelable. Dennis came up with the following solution to the infinitely running Task.Delay operations. The code above creates a linked token source, an infinitely delayed task which observes the token referenced by the linked token source. When the outer token source cancels the linked token source will also cancel the token owned by it. When the task...

Async method without cancellation support, oh my!


Sometimes you have to interact with asynchronous APIs that you don’t control. Those APIs might be executing for a very long time but have no way to cancel the request. Dennis Doomen was exactly in such a situation while building his opinionated Event Sourcing projections library for .NET called LiquidProjections. The library is using NEventStore under the covers. The actual access to the NEventStore is adapted in a class called NEventStoreAdapter. The adapter takes care of loading pages...

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