Dynamic Proxy for WCF with Castle DynamicProxy Reloaded


This is a follow up post from the post Dynamic Proxy for WCF with Castle DynamicProxy. I updated the code in the last post. I just want to share here a better implementation without much words. The new implemenation uses only the ICommunicationObject interface. The service is correctly closed when not needed anymore. For instantiating and binding the WCF client proxies on the ninject kernel a ToMethod binding is used which calls into the proxyGenerator. But see for yourself.

Dynamic Proxy for WCF with Castle DynamicProxy


In a project I’m currently working we are using Windows Communication Foundation with automatically generated client proxies from interfaces in a shared library. This is the ideal approach for us because we are under control of the service provider and service consumer and when developing our stories for the application we can quickly introduce new service providers which then are automatically available at the client side. So far so good. But when using Windows Communication Foundation...

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