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Clean, simple, flexible, evolvable, and agile Architecture Cheat Sheet Update (V1.5)


I updated my cheat sheet about software architecture. You can find it here. Changes V1.5 Added Monitoring & Health Checks, History, Exception Handling, Layering & Structure, Testability under Architectural aspects. V1.4 Added data under Architectural aspects/versioning. Added clock skew under Architectural aspects/Distribution. Added Time & Time Zones & Calendars under Architectural aspects. Fixed some typos. Relayout. V1.3 Extended Scaling under Architectural aspects...

Clean Code Cheat Sheet


There is an updated version at It took me about one and a half year to update my cheat sheet about clean code and TDD. But now, it’s here. The cheat sheet has grown quite a bit and now contains principles, patterns, smells and guidelines for clean code class and package design TDD – Test Driven Development ATDD – Acceptance Test Driven Development Continuous Integration I had to re-layout the sheets because maintenance became a nightmare (yes, very ironic). Download:¬†Clean...

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