How to select open source libraries


We use a lot of open source libraries and components in our daily business. Open source libraries provide us a big advantage regarding time to market with our products. Every time when we are facing a problem in our software (problem is related to business domain to implementation domain difficulties) we first look into the open source world if someone has already solved that problem or even parts of it. Sourceforge, codeplex and google code (to name a few) are often the first pages we visit to...

CodePlex Foundation


Have you ever been thinking in one of your commercial projects of how one particular open source tool or frameworks could solve a lot of your problems but there were to many uncertainties in terms of licensing, compliance to your customers needs and law impediments etc.? I think you have. Must people now tend to say go for Apache 2 license and you won’t have to worry to much because you have almost any rights to change and adapt the provided code (naively speaking). Recently the CodePlex...

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