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.NET Open Source Projects and Coding Guidelines

In my projects, we use a lot of open source libraries like Ninject, xUnit, Machine.Specifications, FluentAssertions, StyleCop, Moq, statLight, AgUnit and of course the project I lead myself: bbv.Common. These projects are really cool. But sometimes of course, we need something that they do not (yet) provide. Like adding Machine.Specification support in FluentAssertions or a faster runner for xUnit unit tests under silverlight with AgUnit and statLight. Therfore, we download the source code and...

C# Coding Style Guidelines


In the last couple of weeks, I ran over some posts about c# coding style guidelines, i.e. guidelines about how to arrange (style) your code. This normally includes things like where to put paranthesis, how fields are named (e.g. with/without _) and so on.
All these posts (no I don’t have the links anymore) had two things in common:

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