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The fluent calculator kata – Rev 2


In my last post I described the fluent calculator kata which we came up with for our coding dojo. When we started implementing the kata we decided to modify the initial set of  “requirements” slightly in order to make it a bit more complex. Here is the changed requirement: The calculator should never throw exceptions. When an overflow occurs the calculator should throw an InvalidOperationException with an inner ArithmeticException. I’ll show you what design and tests we came...

The fluent calculator kata


We are currently preparing for the next coding dojo in our team. A team mate and I came up with a nice kata which we are going to try out today. We didn’t check if there is already such a kata available on the internet. So please take no offense if you already came up with a similar solution 😉 All input values should be int. The calculator should never throw exceptions. The api should guide through the fluent interface, i.e. after the calc method you are never again able to call the calc...

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