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Effective teams: Plan the day


This is the second post in a series about what makes a team effective. Effective means, the team does the right thing to reach its goal. Bad coordination Bad coordination within the team is a major reason why teams are┬ánot effective. Things are done multiple times (“oh, you already did this? Me, too!”). Unnecessary work is performed because we just assume that this should be done. We miss opportunities to go live early, to add the feature with a simpler, cheaper solution or to act...

How we do the Daily Scrum in my team


In a typical Daily Scrum, every team answers the three questions about what was done, what is next and which impediments there are. We moved away from this form of Daily Scrum because it is not very efficient and not focused on Sprint Backlog items. It’s not efficient because we do a lot of pair programming and several team members work on the same User Story at once. Therefore, some team members could only say “I did the same as already said”. This way of doing the Daily...

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