The repository anti pattern clarified


In my last post I showed the transformation from the generic repository to the unit of work pattern only. I received an interesting question in the comment section. Looks nice so far. But didn’t you mix up and simplify things a little bit too much here? For me the Repository is the separation of Domain Objects and Persistent Entities. It’s also a separation of the client from the used persistency technology (either NHibernate, EF, SharePoint, ADO.NET, WebService or whatever). As client side...

What is that all about the repository anti pattern?


There are a lot of discussions going on about the repository pattern. I also started one at the last usergroup meeting together with Julie Lerman. Generally the generic repository is considered an anti pattern as stated by Greg Young, he offers a solution by applying a composition pattern to maximize code reuse. Mike from SapiensWork even calls it a complete anti pattern. Ayende calls it since a long time the new singleton. Ayende also suggests in his older articles to either use directly...

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