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Book review: Dependency injection in .NET by Mark Seemann


Target audience: .NET developers
Urs’ comment: This book explains Dependency Inject very well: from concepts over patterns and anti-pattern to specific libraries. Read it when you use any kind of Dependency Injection in your .NET project.
The only sad thing is that Ninject is not part of the book 😉
ISBN: 9781935182504

Dependency Injection with Windows Workflow Foundation 4 an answer


In my last post I raised the following questions:

How do you inject dependencies into activities without having to declare the dependencies as input arguments?
How do you build up extensions using DI mechanism?
How do you unit test components which host workflow applications or workflow invokers without actually invoking a real workflow?

In this follow up post I try to answer these questions.

Dependency Injection with Windows Workflow Foundation 4 Introduction


Windows Workflow Foundation 4 offers a comprehensive set of tools to design, create and host your own workflows in your application. Normally when working with WF4 the only way to get your external dependencies into the workflow is by passing the dependencies as arguments to the workflow host such as WorkflowApplication, WorkflowInvoker or WorkflowServiceHost.

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